homesurgeNew home construction sales are surging upward, and many people looking to buy a new home or actually build a new home don’t realize securing a real estate agent to assist them is extremely beneficial and will cost them nothing!

If you walk into the sales office of a new subdivision and work with the agent sitting at the desk you are talking to the agent who works for the builder… it’s as simple as that. They may be very cordial and knowledgeable, but they aren’t working on your behalf, they’re working for the builder. They legally represent the builder so if you want an advocate who can assist you during the process, you need a realtor. Any commissions paid are NOT paid by you… they are paid by the builder.

If you do walk into the sales office, be sure NOT to sign anything until your realtor is with you. If you sign an agency agreement you are going to find it very difficult to bring an agent into the transaction later, so call us prior to signing… we’re on your side

The builder knows how much profit they want to make on each home they build and sell and they have already accounted for realtor costs and most likely also the closing costs. If you end up working with the builder’s agent, any monies left over after these costs will likely be more profit to the builder. However, if you have an agent working for you, they will be able to negotiate with the builder and have that extra money put back into your pocket in the form of upgrades, bonuses or possibly down payment assistance. I’m sure that we now have your attention. Yes, I said by using a real estate agent we can work on getting free upgrades and possibly more. So… at no cost to you… call us first!

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