Winter is here, so those terrible winter storms in Osceola County Florida aren’t far behind. These ferocious storms can wreak havoc with your home if you don’t take adequate measures to protect it. Snow and ice can make outdoor surfaces slippery, turning them into potential fall traps that could grievously injure you or your loved ones! WHAT ARE WE SAYING? This is Central Florida and that’s not an issue that we have to actually face. Yes, we may have a few “extra sunny” months in the summer, but we don’t own snow shovels, snow tires for our cars and our lakes never ice over.

Let’s face it… living in Osceola County Florida is an amazing thing. We have year round beautiful weather, world famous theme parks, gorgeous beaches and of course… no state income tax!

So, if you live in a “northern climate” and when you look in your backyard this winter you see a frozen tundra, think of Osceola County where we bask in our warm weather year round. We encourage you also to consider how easy it all can be to enjoy our balmy winter weather with some correct guidance. All you really need is an experienced, hard working and honest realtor to help you make that move a positive and simple one.

Call Goodwin Realty. We’ve been successfully assisting buyers and sellers in Central Florida for many years, and our reputation speaks for itself. To speak to one of our knowledgeable agents just call our Kissimmee office at 407.846.2787 ofr our St. Cloud office at 407.556.3909,  or just click here now. Someone will get back to you asap and let you know how simple relocating to Central Florida can really be. It’s a decision you’ll never regret!

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