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Goodwin Realty & Associates, Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate firm that has grown with the Central Florida area. The office opened in April, 1973 in Kissimmee, Florida during the height of the Central Florida business recession. Despite adverse economic conditions and no real estate sales the first year, the firm survived by managing and leasing office space.

Since then, Goodwin Realty & Associates, Inc has grown to be one of the leading residential and commercial real estate firms in Osceola County. Linda Goodwin-Nichols, President of Goodwin Realty & Associates, Inc., states “Residential real estate sales have always been the cornerstone of our business and our quality reputation helped create steady growth in that area.” Diversification into commercial real estate services has added substantially to the company growth.

Goodwin Realty rates among the top companies in Osceola County in marketing vacant land and all types of commercial properties and is a full service real estate firm with a team of sixteen full time Real Estate Associates and an office support team of four. More than 50% of our agents have been with Goodwin Realty in excess of 10 years.

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The staff is experienced, knowledgeable and caring. Their continued dedication and commitment are major reasons the firm has been so successful. Indeed, Mrs. Goodwin-Nichols states, “The single, most important part of this company is the team. We are truly a family.” Recognized as Osceola County’s “Small Business of the Year,” Goodwin Realty & Associates, Inc. and its team follow the “Golden Rule” attitude, and it is an integral part of the business operation.


At Goodwin Realty & Associates, Inc., we are committed to providing unquestionable, professional, ethical service to the general public in all areas of real estate while providing an environment for personal growth and satisfaction, thereby enhancing both our personal and corporate reputation.

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