New Osceola County HomesShould I use a Realtor when purchasing a new construction home?

The answer is…. Yes, of course!
When considering purchasing a newly built home, or one that is presently being constructed, it’s always to your advantage to have an advocate with you during the process, someone who can guide you through this often challenging process – specifically when there is no cost to you as the buyer.

You do not pay a realtor if you are the buyer in this instance! In fact, you may find that having an experienced REALTOR with you will save you money or help you find the best deals as you negotiate.  If you walk into the sales office of a new subdivision and work with the agent sitting at the desk, you are talking to the agent who works for the builder. This means that they are working in the best interest of the builder, not for you as the home buyer. They have an agreement with the builder and so they have his best interest at heart. It’s not a dishonest relationship, it’s just not one that’s designed to be in your favor.

If you do walk into a Central Florida home builder’s sales office, please consider not signing anything until you have consulted an experienced REALTOR.  If you sign a builder’s agreement you could be legally bound to using the builder’s agent.

Typically a builder looks at the sale of a new home as basic math and business; it’s all about the real numbers. They know exactly how much per square foot it will cost to build a home. They know how much profit they want to make on each home and they have already accounted for potential realtor costs and most likely closing costs. If you are working with the builder’s agent, any unspent monies left over after these “possible” costs will likely go back to the builder. However, if you have an agent working for you, they will be able to negotiate with the builder and have that money put back into your pocket in the potential upgrades or even down payment allowances.

Most builders are much more apt to offer you upgrades on your home as opposed to lowering the actual price of your home. If they lowered prices for everyone that was negotiating in the subdivision they would be bringing the value of that subdivision down as well. They would much rather keep the value of the homes high and compensate you by offering upgrades.

We encourage you to call or email us before making the rounds to the new construction communities. We have great relationships with most of the builders in the Central Florida community and would love to be your advocate… at NO cost to you!

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